Quick Release Keychain Detachable Split Key Rings Pull Apart Key Clip Connector by Mandala Crafts, Silver


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Have you ever turned on the car, realized you left something in the house, and had to turn off the car because your house and car keys share the same keyring? You’ll never have to again with these quick release, detachable keyrings. The stainless-steel metal is rust-proof, long-lasting, and lightweight, so it won’t add weight to your pockets like bulky, heavy duty key chains. This clean and sleek trinket is well-constructed with a smooth and secure push-apart mechanism. Simply press the top button to separate the two pieces. Unlike breakaway keyrings with magnets, these well-built releasable rings won’t accidentally disconnect and lose keys, and the handy quick release is faster than coupling key chains. This key accessory is made to detach and re-attach an unlimited number of times, so it’s great for daily key uses.

The strong, dual keyrings make it easy to attach multiple key chains and split any set of keys. Use this compact key chain to separate work, car, house, garage, motorcycle, or security keys for convenient and easy spring release when swapping keys, getting the mail, valet parking, biking, hiking, or running. While locked, the mechanism can withstand pulling force, so it’s easy to clip on heavier items such as pocket knives, car key fobs, USB drives, and flashlights.

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