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Color: Black
Size: 7.75 X 9.5 Inches
Sale price$12.99 USD


Do you wish there was rhinestone tape to add bling to your cars, furniture, or accessories? Did your project get out of control when glue was involved in what was supposed to be pleasant rhinestone installation project? This self-adhesive bling wrap could be the answer. No more kicking yourself when the glue permanently damages your dashboard! No more sticky fingers! With this faux diamond gem sticker, the steps are simple: just cut the sheet into the desired shape, peel the protective paper off of the adhesive side, and press onto the location you want it. The densely and securely placed tiny rhinestones will intensify the sparkle. The sticky adhesive is easy to peel and cut. The rhinestones, which look like crystal stones, are securely mounted.

The applications of this stick on rhinestone sticker sheet are only limited by your imagination. It can add a pop to anything plain. Compared to hotfix, or iron on rhinestones, this sticker is way easier to apply and you will be able to make a straight line like a pro. It will be a breeze to bedazzle your auto dashboard, steering wheel, or gear shift. This self-adhesive rhinestone sticker sheet will instantly add flare and revitalize picture frames, card boxes, mirrors, light switch plates, or furniture. Want some jewels on your electronics or accessories? This sticker can easily add sparkle to laptops, cellphones, or charging bricks. The adhesive can stick on a variety of flat surfaces. It comes in handy for wrapping bottles, creating bling sticks, embezzling wine glasses, or adding sparkle to blouses, shoes, and wallets.

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