Mandala Crafts Fold Over Elastic Band 5/8 Inch Foldover FOE Stretch Ribbon for Hair Tie Headband Baby Girl Hair Bow

Color: Burgundy
Size: 1.5CM 5/8 Inch 20 Yards
Sale price$10.99 USD


Do your elastic hair ties give you a ponytail headache? Does the coarse surface of elastic ribbon bother your skin? This fold-over colorful elastic with perfect tension could be the answer. The soft and stretchy plain-colored flat elastic cord with long-lasting elasticity won't irritate your skin or snag your hair. It's very easy to cut without fraying and sew on by hand or machine. With a pair of sharp scissors, you rarely need to take care of the ends. With its bright color and one glitter side, this FOE elastic will add a professional touch to any crafting project.

Making hair ties or hairbands with this roll of sparkly stretch ribbon couldn’t be easier. The process is as simple as cutting the band and tying a knot. For crafty people, this roll of fold over elastic with vibrant color is handy to make corsets, lingerie, swimwear, barefoot sandals, costume edging, tutu skirts, and ballet wraps. As mask ear loops, this stretchy band holds better than traditional mask elastic and is more comfortable to wear. The applications for this elastic are so broad that it’s also great for creating book closures, bookmarks, gift tags, doll clothes, and even pet bowties.

About this item

  • Fold over elastic made from spandex fabric material; Latex-free; Sturdy and durable; Soft and flexible; Comfortable to touch and will not irritate skin; Lightweight and will not deform; Washable and machine dryable; Colorfast and fade-free; Fray-resistant
  • Foldover elastic ribbon for elastic headbands, hair ties, or bows for newborns, toddlers, girls, and women
  • Colored elastic for sewing, crafting, scrapbooking, gift wrapping, and jewelry making; Elastic ribbon for garment necklines and armholes, tutus, underwear, panties, garters, sports bras, bracelets, chokers, and elastic bias tape
  • Soft elastic band with a crease along the center for easy folding; Elastic stretch ribbon trim with both sides colored and one side with a shiny satin finish; Will not catch or break hair; Easy to tie, sew, or cut; Easy to attach flower bows or pompoms

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