Chainmail Ring - Chain Maille Jump Ring - Open Aluminum Color Jump Ring Chain Mail Kit for Armor Scale Maille Necklace Jewelry Making by Mandala Crafts


Color: Gold Tone
Size: 12 Gauge 20mm
Sale price$18.99
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This box of shiny anodized aluminum jump ring kit with bright finish and consistent quality is lighter and more finger-friendly compared to galvanized steel. They are sturdy, easy to work with, and will not blacken hands. The perfectly round rings without scratches link up and straighten out beautifully with a twist. The stiffness of the durable rings has a good balance of being sturdy and flexible to manipulate. It is easy to bend but hardy enough to hold its shape. The saw cut processing provides crisp kerf, tighter close seam, and leaves no burrs. It can be easily hammered and stamped. The wire hardens nicely with a chasing hammer. The bright and fine anodized color does not flake off when being bent or smashed as long as coated tools are used. With meticulous quality control, all the rings are slightly open, free of marring, and there are barely any deformed ones.

For starters who want to make creating chainmail a new hobby, this kit is an economical way to get started. These solid but flexible split rings are easy to weave and maneuver with or without a pair of pliers. Whether you want to do a helm weave, create a 4 in 1 mail, or build a delicate piece such as armor, this kit will have you covered. It is great for making chain mail cosplay costumes, coifs, t-shirts, sleeves, dice bags, or bikini chains.

For jewelry making, these strong yet light weighted rings are not only great for making bracelets, necklaces, or earrings with unique patterns such as Byzantine style jewelry but also handy for holding charms or pendants especially using multiple jump rings or soldering the connection for heavier items.

It is also a great tool to use to demonstrate European chain mail techniques to students for learning purposes. The application is so versatile that it can even be used as markers when knitting.

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