Mandala Crafts Glass Seed Beads for Jewelry Making Mini Glass Beads for Bracelets Waist Beads - Small Pony Beads Kit Bulk Beading Supplies for Crafts

SKU: T2mm

Color: 24 Assorted Colors Combo 1
Size: Hexagon 2 X 2 MM
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This box of assorted seed beads with colorful shades in a nifty storage box is made from solid glass. Many shades of the color spectrum are represented in this set including rainbow, opaque, iridescent, translucent, and transparent. The vivid color will not rub off or fade. The beads are smooth and shimmer, which will yield a professional look when you make the final product. The hole surface is seamless and drilled clean. The bead holes are compatible with big eye needles or bead looms. They are also compatible with different stretchy or non-stretching strings or threads, wires, or safety pins. They can also be easily glued or sewed. Compared to beads hanging on a string or mixed bead lots, this secure box with individual compartments for each assorted color is much more organized and easier to work with, especially for pattern designs.

No matter whether it is used by beginners or professionals, this set of seed beads with its broad variety of colors will give you hours of fun. For making earrings, necklaces, or bracelets, these beads bring just the right amount of sparkle to your design, whether they are being used as spacers or pattern beads. For crafts such as quilting, textile embellishing, art accenting, stone weaving, beading, or garment making, these beads will instantly dress up your project.

About this item

  • Small beads for jewelry making made from glass; Lead-free; Durable and sturdy; Polished smooth surface and shiny luster; Peel, chip, and scratch-resistant; Uniform symmetrical shape and consistently rich color; Cut-through holes
  • Small glass beads for jewelry making, beading, weaving, sewing, quilting, crafting, and embroidery; Jewelry making beads for friendship bracelets, necklaces, Kumihimo jewelry, earrings, waist beads, or use as rondelle spacer beads
  • Craft beads for bead patterns and costumes; Beading kit for creating home, holiday, or party décor and ornaments
  • Mini beads for crafts compatible with string, thread, elastic, wire, and safety pin or seed bead tools such as a bead loom, bead spinner, beading board, or big eye beading needle; Mixes well with other jewelry beads such as alphabet beads and microbeads

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