Mandala Crafts Crinkle Cut Paper Shred for Gifts, Basket Filling, Box Filler, Packing, Stuffing, Cushioning, Pet Bedding (White, 1 LB)


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Have you noticed that the difference between something good and something great is attention to detail? When you receive a gift wrapped in old newspaper or casually stuffed, do you always undervalue the gift immediately? Do not let these small details ruin the substantiality of your merchandise or gifts. Add this pack of carefully cut paper straws to your packing or gift-giving routine. From now on, no customer will just receive a package in a dull cardboard box. This pack of colored paper shreds will help you prepare your gifts and other packages in a delicate and professional manner.

Compared to natural raffia, this fluffy paper straw is less coarse and will not scratch delicate items such as Christmas decor. It adds a delicate and thoughtful touch to the gift presentation instantly. From soap, candles, toys, and glass, to wine bottles, this paper confetti will cover it all. The nifty color and natural touch make it perfect to pack favors for events such as weddings or newborn parties. It will add a flair to your Easter baskets, holiday presents, and Valentine’s day gifts. The applications are so versatile that it can also make bird toys or rabbit bedding.

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