Dominoes Double 6 Game Set with Chinese Wood Dragon Gift Box for Adults and Kids; 28 Tile Pieces


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This set of double six dominoes will add a new dimension to your gaming and provide hours of fun. The fancy domino game kit with an antique finished wooden box is built to last. The tiles are constructed with rounded off brass metal spinners, which can protect the surface of the dominoes while being shuffled, and make it easier to spin or rotate. The dots on the tiles are well engraved without blemishes. The edges are meticulously polished and the solid tiles can easily stand on their own. The medium sized tiles with large and easy to read pips make a pleasant loud sound while being slammed.

The attractive luxurious storage box with painted dragon and phoenix images yields a vintage feel. It is easy to carry and store. It makes this set a great gift or conversation starter. No matter whether you use it as a home or camping table top game toy, nursing home game set for retirees, in a casino style party or professional tournaments, or in classrooms to teach kids about math and numbers, this set will come in handy.


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