Black Breakaway Clasp for Lanyard Necklaces Bracelets 30 Plastic Breakaway Clasps Bead Barrel Connectors for Jewelry Making - Plastic Break Away Safety Clasp Buckle with Chinese Knotting Cord


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Is the metal safety necklace clasp uncomfortable to wear? Does your lanyard fastener come undone easily? This set of lanyard clasps and closures is just what you need. Consisting of lanyard safety breakaway clasp beads and a reel of continuous nylon satin string, this jewelry safety clasp kit yields reliable handiworks. The breakaway clipsare easy to pull apart and provide security when closed. The installation of the mini breakaway clasp is as simple as stringing the cord through the small holes on the plastic clasps, tying a knot at the inner end, and snapping the two safety buckles together. With ample quantity included in each set, the pop barrel connectors and nylon cord will last for multiple projects.

Whether you’re replacing a broken kids necklace clasp or making a breakaway clasp necklace safer, these pop barrel connectors safety breakaway lanyard clasps will have you covered. The safety clasp for bracelet and necklace will not irritate skin or pull hair and adds ease and safety. The lanyard snaps easily string pony, wooden, or silicone beads to make bubble gum necklaces, sliding knot necklaces, and ID card lanyards. For crafts, the pop barrel connectors increase the functionality for keychains, mask-strap cord ear savers, and bags for freshies. With their simple design, the pre-made lanyard rope with clasps will take your designs to the next level!

About this item

- Safety breakaway clasp made from plastic; Chinese knotting cord made from nylon; Durable and lightweight with a pop lock design; Safely breaks away when pulled on but the reliable hold prevents accidental loosening; Non-toxic and fade-resistant.

- Plastic safety break away buckle for beading, lacing, and jewelry making; Bracelet cords with clasp for bracelets and anklets.

- Breakaway necklace clasp for necklaces and chokers; Breakaway safety clasp for waist jewelry.

- Breakaway fasteners for DIY crafting and garment or mask making; Mask lanyard breakaway clasp beads for face masks.

- Breakaway lanyard clasp beads for lanyards; Unisex designed breakaway clasps for jewelry making and crafting.

- Plastic break away clips for keychains, hats, bags, and shoes; Breakaway collar clasp for collars; Safety breakaway buckle compatible with paracord, ribbon, cotton, nylon, satin, or silk string; Easy to open and close; Easy to install: insert the rope and tie a knot.

- Safety plastic clasp buckle bulk wholesale pack; 30 breakaway lock beads; String clasp size: 24mm or .94 inches in length and 9mm or 0.35’’ in width; Hole size: 2.5mm; Chinese knotting cord thickness: 2mm; Length: 11 yards or 10 meters.

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