Black Breakaway Clasp for Lanyard Necklaces Bracelets 30 Plastic Breakaway Clasps Bead Barrel Connectors for Jewelry Making - Plastic Break Away Safety Clasp Buckle with Chinese Knotting Cord


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Chinese knotting cord and 30 set break away clasps

- Safety breakaway clasp made from plastic; Chinese knotting cord made from nylon; Durable and lightweight with a pop lock design; Safely breaks away when pulled on but the reliable hold prevents accidental loosening; Non-toxic and fade-resistant.

- Plastic safety break away buckle for beading, lacing, and jewelry making; Bracelet cords with clasp for bracelets and anklets.

- Breakaway necklace clasp for necklaces and chokers; Breakaway safety clasp for waist jewelry.

- Breakaway fasteners for DIY crafting and garment or mask making; Mask lanyard breakaway clasp beads for face masks.

- Breakaway lanyard clasp beads for lanyards; Unisex designed breakaway clasps for jewelry making and crafting.

- Plastic break away clips for keychains, hats, bags, and shoes; Breakaway collar clasp for collars; Safety breakaway buckle compatible with paracord, ribbon, cotton, nylon, satin, or silk string; Easy to open and close; Easy to install: insert the rope and tie a knot.

- Safety plastic clasp buckle bulk wholesale pack; 30 breakaway lock beads; String clasp size: 24mm or .94 inches in length and 9mm or 0.35’’ in width; Hole size: 2.5mm; Chinese knotting cord thickness: 2mm; Length: 11 yards or 10 meters.

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