Hand Tied Christmas Ornament Hangers Ribbon 100 PCs Christmas Tree Decoration Ornament Loops

Color: Gold
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Are you still cutting ribbon to make holiday ornament hangers? Did your metal ornament hanging loops scratch your favorite ornament? This ornament hanger bulk pack is the answer. Securely tied by hand, these hand tied ribbons Christmas ornament hangers with plenty of ribbon length provide an easy and secure hold for ornaments made from any material. In colors ranging from traditional red to sparkly silver and gold, these festive Christmas ribbon hangers with a broad color selection will brighten up your Christmas tree. Much better than using metal ornament hooks, the Christmas ribbon hangers are more pliable and convenient to store. You no longer need to painfully remove each ornament by hand when you take down your Christmas decorations.

The string ornament hangers can be left on for future use and save time to spend with your loved ones. The Christmas ornaments hanger string loops are a lovely addition to your tree, and a time saver. The Christmas ornament ribbon hangers make the process of attaching ornaments quick and easy. The ornament loop hangers will make your Christmas ornament hanging a breeze. This set of ribbon Christmas ornament hangers is a must-have for holiday decorations. The reusable ribbon for hanging ornaments with ample quantity will last for several holidays.

About this item

- Christmas ornament hanger loops made from thin grosgrain ribbon; Sturdy and durable; Handmade thin ribbon for ornaments with plenty of ribbon length for easy hanging; Colorfast and bleeding free; Fray-resistant; Fit for indoor and outdoor use.

- Reusable ornament hanger loops for hanging ornaments on the Christmas tree; Ornament string hangers for Christmas ornaments can hang Christmas bells, photos, and ornaments made from materials such as wood, porcelain, metal, and glass.

- Christmas tree ornament hangers expedite the hanging process; xmas ornament hangers add a special touch to the tree; Festive and decorative Christmas ornaments hangers will not overshadow the beauty of the ornaments; Easy to use festive ribbon ornament hangers.

- Ornament ribbon hangers are more workable and pliable than metal picture hooks; ornaments hanger loops can be left on the ornaments instead of being take off like hanging hooks; Ornament ribbon loops with securely tied knots to avoid accidently opening.

- Bulk ornament hangers wholesale pack; 100 ornament hangers gold loops; Ribbon overall length: 11 inches or 26CM; Width; 3.5mm or 0.14 inch.

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