Glass Seed Beads for Jewelry Making - Seed Beads Small Beads Kit for Tiny Beads Jewelry Bracelet - Seed Beads Mini Pony Beads for Necklace

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Color: Black
Size: 6/0 or 4mm
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Have you noticed the uniformity of small glass seed beads make a big difference when it comes to seed beads jewelry making? This lot of shiny seed beads is exactly what you need. With vivid color that will not fade, bleed, or lose sheen, this small beads bulk pack has almost everything you need bead crafts. Drilled to perfection, these micro glass beads are very easy to string, sew, or thread and can also be glued on different surfaces. The glass seed bead allotment comes in many gorgeous colors such as white, black, or multicolor to match various patterns, beadwork, and designs. The uniform glass seed beads are organized in one single color and thus extremely easy to work with, especially for nifty beadwork and intricate pattern designs. Compatible with different stretchy or non-stretching strings or thread, wire, or safety pins, these tiny glass seed beads with a generous portion will provide you hours of fun and last for multiple projects.

No matter whether these small jewelry beads are being used as necklace beads, pattern beads, mini spacer beads for earring making, or bracelet beads for jewelry making, these tiny seed glass beads can handle any design with ease. With just the right amount of sparkle and shimmer, these uniform seed beads will add a professional touch to your final products. For DIY-crafters or sewing hobbyists, these small seed beads for crafts are handy to keep around for a multitude of handiworks from making fashionable garments to keychain accessories to embellishing or accenting textile, stones, and art. The one-of-a-kind handcrafted gifts made from these micro beads for crafts will always impress the recipient.

About this item

- Seed bead kit made from glass with cut-through holes; Durable and sturdy; Small glass beads with shiny luster and polished smooth surface; Uniform symmetrical shape and consistently rich color; Peel, chip, and scratch-resistant; Lead-free.

- Small glass beads for jewelry making, beading, weaving, sewing, quilting, and embroidery; Small beads for bracelets, friendship wristbands, earrings, necklaces, waist beads, Kumihimo jewelry, or use as mini spacer beads.

- Tiny seed beads for DIY crafting; Pony seed beads for bead patterns and costumes; Seed beading kit for creating home, party, holiday décor, garments, ornaments, and costume pieces.

- Mini beads for jewelry making compatible with string, thread, wire, elastic, and safety pin or seed bead tools such as a bead loom, bead spinner, beading board, or big eye beading needle; Mini pony beads pair well with other micro beads and alphabet beads.

- Wholesale seed beads in bulk; Loose seed beads in a plastic cylindrical capsule; Weight: 200 grams or 0.44 pound.

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