Patriotic Red White and Blue Decoration American Flag Paper Fan Set for 4th of July, Independence Day, USA Holiday, Election, Political Party


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Are you looking for patriotic decorations for a soldiers homecoming party? Is it frustrating that most tissue paper honeycomb décor begins to tear and deteriorate the instant you take it out of the package? This set of reusable and easy to set up American flag hanging paper fans will help you out. Do not settle for flimsy tissue paper decors. These colorful paper fans are made from thick metallic paper similar to cardboard and are built to last. The cheerful paper fans will not only make a great impression, but they will also be able to hold up well against wind or even light rain. Printed on both sides with vibrant colors and American flags, these fans with a bold pinwheel design will easily become a focal point and add an instant touch of glamour to any political event or patriotic gathering. Decorating with this hanging fan is as simple as just unfolding it, securing it with a paper clip and peeling the adhesive sticker to stick the handles together. The attached string is handy of hanging the fan on trees, ceilings, fences, doors, windows, blinds, walls, light fixtures, or bulletin boards. It can be used as a daily indoor home ornament or even adding a festive accent to businesses. These paper fans will easily add texture, patriotic flair and promote the red white and blue spirit.

- Patriotic decoration pinwheel fans made from heavy 120gsm offset and cardstock paper; Sturdy and durable; Lightweight and reusable; Tear resistant; Vibrant color and festive design; Double-sided print.

- Red white and blue decoration for Fourth of July, President’s Day, Veteran’s Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Air Force or Army birthday, Pioneer Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day or other national holidays.

- Patriotic themed decorations for political rally and soldier homecomings, new citizenship celebrations, voting events, patriotic parades, election parties, classrooms; Festive photo backdrop; Pairs well with other décors; Can even be used to decorate a boat, car, truck or RV.

- Easy to hang indoors or outdoors from ceiling, awning, tree, canopy, wall, or fence; Easy to set up; No assembly needed; Easy to store for future use.

- Patriotic décor supplies in bulk wholesale packaging; 12 circular accordion fans per set; Size: from 7 to 15 inches; Hanging string and paperclips included.

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