Mandala Crafts 100 Candle Wicks for Candle Making - Candle Wick Candle Making Kit 60 Candle Wick Stickers - Pretabbed Candle Wicks for Candlemaking Soy Wax 10 Wick Holders

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Are you looking for a candle wick replacement for your favorite burning wick candle? Or perhaps you're looking for low smoke candle wicks that’ll render a clean burn without the grit or gunk? This set of pre waxed wicks for candle making is exactly what you need. This candle wick kit comes with flexible natural cotton wicks for candles that are highly workable and trimmable for creating burning wick candles of nearly all shapes and sizes. These long candle wicks and stickers are remarkably easy to use, stay in place, and are perfect for making well-proportioned candles. From cotton wicks for soy candle making to cotton wicks for beeswax candle making, the low smoke wicks burn beautifully in all varieties of wax and produce a steady flame that will not cause odor, soot, or black smoke. From making batches of candles for a commercial business to leisurely crafting with friends, this candle wick for candle making kit comes in ample quantities and is sure to last.

The wick candle making set simplifies the steps of homemade candle making so you spend less time tinkering with the cotton wick and more time enjoying the candle wicking process. First, secure the prewaxed candle wick into the candle wick centering device and attach the double-sided adhesive sticker to its base. Then, position the natural candle wick at the center of your wick candle holder which can be almost anything including cups, cans, mugs, jars, bowls, or pots. Whether you’re constructing tealight wicks, votive wicks, or a candle wick for pillar candle, this pack of wicks candle making supplies has easy-to-manipulate wax wicks for candle making that anyone from a pro to a connoisseur can master. Depending on the size of the candle, you can insert one candle wick or several at a time. These natural candle wicks are easy to cut, curl, or position and will not snap or sever upon pouring the wax. For adding a homely or cozy ambience, this thick candle wick bulk kit aids in constructing dozens of candles.

About this item

  • Cotton wicks for candle making pre-coated in wax; Durable and sturdy; Pretabbed wicks for candles with candle wick holders and heat-resistant stickers for centered placement; Consistent uniform thickness and continuous length; Lead and zinc-free; Non-toxic
  • Candle making wicks with candle wick tabs for recreational or professional candle making; Candle replacement wicks for rekindling burnt-down wick candles
  • Candle dipping wicks for DIY crafting; Beginner-friendly candle wicks for candle making kit
  • Slow burning candle wicks for candle making are easy to cut, bend, or twist; Use these Prewaxed candle wicks for soy wax, palm wax, paraffin wax, citronella wax, or beeswax
  • Candle cotton wicks bulk pack; Each package comes with 100 cotton core candle wicks with metal base, 60 0.7-inch stickers, and 10 wooden candle wick holders for candle making; Cotton candle wick length: 6 inches; Metal base diameter: 0.47’’

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