Mandala Crafts Plastic Snaps for Clothing - No-Sew Plastic Snap Buttons - T5 Snap Button Kit - Snap Fastener Kit with Tools for Fabric Sewing Clothes 360 Sets


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Are your plastic snap buttons constantly popping off? This set of reliable plastic fabric snaps is the answer. Unlike metal snap fasteners, these snap-on buttons are more comfortable to wear. The functional plastic snaps for fabric not only provide reliable closure but also add style to plain décor. The installation of these fabric plastic snaps is much easier than sewing on snaps or fussing with buttons. In as little as five minutes, you can replace broken plastic button snaps easily with these colorful, easy-to-use mini plastic snaps and included snap pliers. This snap button kit in vivid colors is perfect for the sewing hobbyist and has everything needed to repair damaged or crimped button snaps on clothing and accessories. The snaps for clothes get the job done and add personality to tops, scrubs, leotards, jackets, coats, shoes, handbags, coin purses, face masks, costumes, hats, or even belts. Without sharp edges and corners, these baby snaps for sewing are the ideal boutique snaps for baby rompers, pacifier keeper clips, travel tent sheets and felt books. The sewing plastic snaps are handy to keep around the house for adding crafting plastic snaps to blackout curtains, cushions, duvet covers, bath towels, or potting mats. From beginners to the advanced crafter, these plastic snap buttons for crafts are the perfect snap starter kit to build snap envelopes, doll clothes, or snap keychains. This uses of these t5 snap buttons are so versatile that they are also great for making pet accessories such as pet coats and bandanas.

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