Crinkle Cat Toy Set - Mylar Crinkle Balls Cat Toys for Indoor Cats Kitten Dogs - Shiny Foil Cat Balls in Bulk

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Do you have an active cat that likes to play with scrape paper or is always taking crinkly things out of her cellophane cat toys? Does your cat get bored with crackle balls easily? These bulk cat toys balls are answer! These crinkly cat toys are the perfect size and weight for kittens, adult, and senior cats to chew, chase, and wrestle around your home for hours without being destructive. Kitty crinkle balls are thick and long lasting, yet soft enough for your cat to bat around with ease. The shiny cat toys make a soft crinkling noise when squished and are especially loved by visually impaired and blind cats who rely on auditory ques. These shiny and vibrant colored cat foil balls promote exercise for active, happy, and playful felines.

These crinkle toys for cats are great to have on hand to teach your furry friend to play fetch. Mylar crinkle balls skid across wood and carpet floors with ease and make just the right amount of noise so that even if your cat is playing with the scrunchie cat toy in the middle of the night, your sleep wont be disturbed. A fun and safe alternative to typical mice toys, these cat foil balls are a must-have for stocking stuffers or gifts for new pet owners and can be sprinkled with cat nip for even more excitement during playtime. Mylar cat toy balls are also soft enough to not hurt or scratch your feet if accidentally stepped on, unlike other hard plastic cat crinkle balls. Not only is this crinkly ball cat toy set loved by cats, but it can be used as a dog crinkle ball or for other small animals like sugar gliders, hedgehogs, and ferrets to swat, pounce, and burn off extra energy.

- Cat crinkle toys made from non-toxic mylar plastic; Sturdy and durable; Lightweight and long-lasting; Will not fray or shed; Easy to clean; Won’t scratch floors or walls.

- Crinkle balls for cats and kittens; Cat crinkle ball makes a soft and crisp crunching noise; Mylar ball moves around easily on all surfaces; Cat toy crinkle ball reduces stress, relieves boredom, promotes bonding, and exercise.

- Mylar balls for cats in bright metallic colors; Reflective surface similar to aluminum cat mylar crinkle balls; Soft to the touch and won’t hurt paws; Will not fall apart after rough play or chewing.

- Crinkle cat toys for indoor cats, dogs, and other pets to bat, chase, and pounce; Interactive low maintenance crinkle ball cat toy for hours of play; Improves circulation and builds muscle.

- Cat toys crinkle balls bulk wholesale pack; 25 PCs; Size: about 1.5-2 inches in diameter.

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