Bohemian Belt - Boho Belt for Women Mens Rasta Belt Handmade Woven Hemp Boho Waist Belt Big Hippie Belt for Reggae Rasta Accessories

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Are you looking for an impressionable, malleable, and thin boho belt to spice up your bohemian look? This braided boho belt is exactly what you need. The stylish and sustainable boho belt made in the Himalayan area is constructed with natural hemp fibers that are hardwearing, breathable, impervious to stains, and stand the test of time. Its classic no-hole woven design with thick loop buckles makes this boho woven belt highly functional and convenient for quick adjusting, secure fastening, and comfortable all-day wear. Made to be worn with ease, the hippy hemp woven belt construction is impeccable for warm sunny days when clothing accessories should neither be heavy or cumbersome.

This boho dress belt with its vibrant line pattern is a versatile embellishment perfect for adding a spirited yet natural touch to any outfit. This reggae belt is full of utility and can be wrapped around the hips or tied around the midsection and will not untie, shift, or prove bothersome but possesses just enough slack to accommodate your positioning and posture so that you can freely and easily move, drive, play sports, or go about your weekly tasks. The unique handcrafted characteristics on this braided hemp belt complement any typical or eccentric clothing item for festivities, concerts, celebrations, or holidays. Packing a one-two punch for fashion and sustainability, the woven rasta belts hemp is renewable and its fabric resists ruptures and disguises tarnishes better than other materials making this belt remarkable for frequent wear without the need to be wary or careful. The bohemian waist belt is also a great gift for your free-spirited hippie friends. Dress the boho style belt up or down and utilize it for any trek or outing! This men's and women's boho belt is a wardrobe must-have.

About this item

- Rasta clothing belt made from hemp and antique brass; Durable and sturdy; Adjustable boho braided belt with double ring closure and woven sealed tip; Handmade in Nepal; Scratch, fade, and tear-resistant; Machine-washable and dryable.

- Hemp loop belt for casual everyday wear, outdoor activities, and travel; Boho waist belt for women for dresses, shorts, skirts, jeans, and pants.

- Hemp belt with green, yellow, and red color stripes for Reggae, Jamaican, or hippie-themed parties, festivals, and events; Hippy natural woven belt suits boys, girls, and adults.

- Reggae apparel belt that is easy to put on and take off; Rasta summer belt holds its shape; Lightweight and long-lasting Reggae accessories.

- Boho belts for women and men; Length with buckle included: 46 ½ inches; Width: 1.3’’; Thickness: 4mm; Buckle size: 1.7 x 1 inch; Weight: 46 grams.

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