Potato Sack Race Bags for Kids and Adults, 6 Pack Gunny Sacks for Races, Party Games, Birthdays; 24 X 40 Large


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Are you tired of seeing kids and adults just staring at screens? It's time to bring back old-fashioned games for some hopping around fun. These well-stitched and durable sacks made from hessian cloth will change the norm. For 200lb adults or 35lb children, these large burlap sacks are easy to grip and hold up well. A gunny sack race will be a hit for parties, family reunions, weddings, cheer camps, fiestas, or even company picnics.

The sacks have a wide array of uses. For storage purposes, these breathable and heavy-duty sacks will hold wheat, rice, potato, coffee, compost, or feed like a champ. No need to scratch your head for wrapping up odd-shaped gifts. These sacks will not only do the job but also add a rustic and elegant touch.

These large potato sacks are handy to keep around for gardening. They are also great for storing dry leaves or compost. Wrapping the bags around shrubs, bushes, or trees to protect plants in cold weather. For growing plants such as potatoes, just roll the bags far enough down to hold about 6 inches of dirt along with a few seed-potatoes. As the plants grow taller, simply unroll the bag and add more dirt.

The uses are so versatile that these bags are very handy to keep for other outdoor sports such as kayak fishing. Add in some straw in and paint on a target for the perfect archery set up. For crafting, this bespoke sack is great for making scarecrow masks, designing costumes, handcrafting decor, creating voodoo dolls, or even building a dog mattress.

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