Shirring Elastic Thread for Sewing - Thin Fine Elastic Sewing Thread for Sewing Machine Knitting by Mandala Crafts 0.6mm 87 Yards

Color: Black
Size: 0.6mm 87 Yards
Sale price$7.49 USD


Looking to give your old favorite sweater some elasticity again? This elastic sewing thread is exactly what you need! The elastic sewing machine thread not only adds stretch but also can be cleanly sewn into a variety of upholstery, garments, and projects. With almost no lint, this elastic thread for sewing clothes slides through material smoothly and will not constrict elastic bands like traditional thread. For a more professional fit and form, this shirring elastic thread for sewing machine is handy for altering garments to fit your exact size and needs. With an elastic shirring thread that has the perfect balance of elasticity and strength, any garment can be made to look and feel brand new.

Easy to thread and without the risk of catching and kinking, this thin elastic sewing thread is perfect for friction-less hand, machine, and professional sewing. Use it to gather, shirr, and smock on a variety of lightweight garments and home décor. This sewing thread with elastic beautifully stiches into fabric allowing you to stitch up seams, make ruffles, or effortlessly repair tears and rips in your favorite garments. Great for inducing elasticity in older woven products, this elastic thread can be used to tighten knitted socks, stockings, legwarmers, sleeves, shirt collar or cuffs. Its adequate weight and strength are useful on crocheted garments where stretch recovery is typically insufficient. The elastic sewing thread for sewing machine provides extra support for knit and crocheted ribbing for sock and sweaters. Impeccable string for DIY crafting, you can make fun small bracelets, necklaces, keychain rings, doll clothing, hair-ties, trims, tops, tutus, cozies or toys. Consider this thread wonderful for anything requiring stretch, a revamp, or alterations.

About this item

  • Fine elastic thread for sewing made of durable elastic fabric material; Strong yet flexible; Fray, snag, and breakage-resistant; Soft and smooth-sliding; Colorfast
  • Thread elastic for sewing apparel, home décor, and embroidery projects; Fit for gathering, shirring, crimping, smocking, or hemming fabric using straight, zigzag or decorative stitching; Stretchy material compatible with spandex, cotton, or cashmere
  • Thin elastic thread apt for DIY crafts, doll making, or shirring crocheted cuffs, socks and sleeves; Suitable as tracer yarn for knitting or crochet work; Great for lightweight dresses, sweaters, jackets, tops, hats, or mittens; Easily repair rips and tears
  • Knitting elastic thread with high tensile strength, adequate luster, and strong wear resistance; To be used in sewing machine as bobbin thread only; Easy to use, transfer onto machine, bobbin, and store

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