Mandala Crafts Chinese Gong - Mini Gong with Stand - Zen Art Brass Feng Shui Desktop Gong with Stand Asian Gong Bell for Home Decoration Chinese Zodiac Signs

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This exotic and finely detailed small brass desktop gong or chime wind bell set is aesthetically appealing and mainly decorative, but functional. It makes a reasonable sound when being tapped gently with the mallet. It is a cool addition to your desktop decor and will add flare to your place.

This gong comes in handy to decorate your room or office to create a Zen Feng Shui zone, ornament a Japanese or Orient garden , accessorize an eastern style room, or accent a Chinese mystery dinner party. It does not take up much space and will look and fit great on top of a bookshelf, table, desk, curio cabinet, or mantel. As an adorable and whimsical piece of oriental art, this item is a good conversation piece.

This well constructed and attractive gong with an Asian culture touch also has many uses besides decorating. It can summon everyone to the dinner table, get the attention of students as a classroom sound maker, dress up a Buddhist altar, be used as a yoga or meditation session timer, notify everyone in the room about receiving an order, celebrate a football touchdown, or inform anything worth of an instrument banging. It is a great toy to keep kids occupied or juniors to do their daily chores.

As a gift, you can't go wrong with this unique small desktop gong especially for those who are hard to shop for. This unique gong will definitely make the recipient smile.

About this item

  • mall chimes gong made of brass alloy on a wooden stand with mallet; Lightweight, sturdy and durable; Lead-free and tarnish-resistant; Portable and easy-to-play; Great for indoor and outdoor use
  • Desktop brass gong for daily meditation, spiritual ceremonies, music, gifts, home décor, alerts, and announcements
  • Small gongs for decorating a home office, bedroom, living room, entry way, altar or mediation space, mantle, bookshelf, desk, or zen garden; Mini gongs for meditation and yoga classes
  • Mini zen gong for promoting good luck, positive karma, uplifting vibrations, and a relaxed state of mind; Mini desk gong
  • Desk gong with wooden stand and mallet included; Small gong size: 10 X 2.5 X 8 Inches

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