Mandala Crafts Necklace Layering Clasp - Necklace Separator for Layering - Layered Necklace Clasp Detangler Slide Lock Necklace Spacer Kit Assorted Colors 595 Pieces

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Are you tired of your necklaces tangling? Are you looking for an attachment that will allow you to wear all of your favorite jewelry pieces at once? This necklace clasps and closures kit can be the solution. No more having to fasten your necklaces individually. Achieve a nice layered look with a durable layering necklace clasp holder that allows you to wear more than one necklace at a time. No more worrying about clasps constantly falling to the front or needing to be adjusted. With a quick yet firm sidelock design, these layered necklace spacer clasps are swift to pull apart and put together while ensuring your necklaces do not fall off or tangle. Neither bulky nor noticeable, this magnetic layered necklace clasp will give you a clean professional look. With a useful and palatable color selection, you can perfectly pair this multi necklace clasp with many kinds of light-weight jewelry pieces and accessories.

Handy and user-friendly, these necklace stacker clasps allow you to effortlessly layer up to 4 necklaces at once. Simply attach your double or triple long thin strand necklaces or bracelets to the loops provided on each layering necklace spacer clasp and create various combinations of layered jewelry. Keep your necklaces untangled and sitting perfectly on your neck throughout the day with multi strand jewelry clasps that give the right amount of space between each piece. Flexible and fun, you can clip this layering clasp connector to any necklace and change it up at any time. Once your necklaces are attached, you can take them all off or put them all on at the same time. With a sliding-barrel design, this necklace spacer clasp will simplify the getting ready process and save you time. Rocking a multi-layered necklace, chain chokers or dainty jewelry could not be easier with the perfect detangler clasp that allows you to easily adjust jewelry length while staying discretely at the back of your neck.

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