Mask Adjuster Elastic Cord Lock Tightener Clip Toggle Buckle for Adult Children Face Mask Adjustable Ear Loop Drawstring Pack of 200

Color: Black
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Tired of the ear loops on your favorite mask loosening over time? Frustrated with finding a mask small enough for children? These ingenious adjustable mask ear adjusters can definitely help. Made from a rubber-like silicone material with a smooth surface and outstanding resilience, these mask fasteners not only prevent chafing but also make masks fit better with less gaping and sagging. Compared to large barrel, hard-plastic, and toggle spring cord locks, these mask strap adjusters are way less bulky and more comfortable to wear. The mini silicone mask bead stoppers provide a secure hold and can slide onto any string for sizing adjustments. Installation is as simple as placing the elastic in the middle of the included clip and feeding the clip through the big hole of the mask buckle. Squeeze the cord stop to easily move it up and down and adjust the ear loop length to fit various facial and head sizes.

No more tying knots. These orb-shaped elastic mask fasteners with a strong grip can make any face mask ear loop adjustable without sacrificing comfort. The unisex design coordinates well with almost all mask colors and styles. Whether you are making a new mask or altering an existing one, these locks with universal fit have you covered. These convenient cord stops can slide onto any small strap in sportswear, backpacks, luggage, hats, or hoodies to give them an adjustable drawstring. They can also be used as cord toggles on many DIY crafting and scrapbooking projects to make the cord adjustable.

About this item

- Cord locks made from soft silicone material; Sturdy, strong, and durable; Non-slip and anti-skid; Machine washable and dryable; Smooth surface and will not irritate skin; Comfortable to touch and will not tangle with hair; Reusable, odorless, and lightweight; Fit for indoor and outdoor uses; Resilient and deformation-free.

- Mask adjuster clips compatible with flat and round elastic bands, plastic coated wires, yarns and strings from 1/8 in to 1/4 in thick; Easy to install; Squeeze the lock and move it up and down to adjust ear loop length; No sewing necessary.

- Mask tighteners for adjustable ear loop ties; Compatible with hand-sewn and store-bought facemasks for adults and kids; Fit for all ages and genders.

- Elastic cord locks for drawstrings, lanyards, shoelaces, necklines, head-bands, hats, scrapbooks, and bow cords.

- Mask ear adjuster supplies in bulk wholesale packaging; Free threaders; Two-hole sizes in each piece for easy installation; Small hole size: 0.07 in; Large hole size: 0.15 in; Cord lock size: 0.35 inch; Pack of 200.

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