Satin Ribbon for Gift Wrapping, Weddings, Hair, Dresses, Blanket Edging, Crafts, Bows, Ornaments

Color: Aqua
Size: 1 1/2 Inch 50 Yards
Sale price$12.99 USD


Have you ever gone to a craft store to try to find fabric ribbon in your favorite color but came home empty-handed? This roll of silky satin ribbon with gorgeous shiny colors and a silky surface might be the missing piece. We carry a broad assortment of colors, including colors that are hard to find. The ribbons are well-constructed with a soft texture. The densely woven fabric has no loose strings or creases. The vibrant color has outstanding colorfastness, which is fade-free and weather resistant. Instead of being scrunched in a bag, this ribbon is packed on a professional ribbon roll which means you don’t have to iron it before use. This ribbon is easy to cut and cuts smoothly without fraying when cut with a pair of sharp scissors.

This colorful ribbon is great to wrap gifts, wine bottles, jars, or boxes. The vibrant color instantly adds flare. For crafty people, this satin ribbon roll can be easily made into bookmarks, lanyards, invitation cases, ornaments, or favors. Want to accent a dress or revive a blanket? This ribbon will do the trick. This ribbon adds style to any outfit when used to refashion a skirt, decorate a hat, or edge a blanket. The ribbon roll is convenient to keep around the house and use for holidays or special events like wrapping trees for Christmas, decorating for graduations, or embellishing your home for military homecoming parties.

  • Satin ribbon made from thick and densely woven silky polyester fabric; Non-wired; Durable and sturdy single-faced satin ribbon; No knots, disconnections, or joints; Accurate solid color and shiny surface; Weather-resistant, colorfast, and bleeding free; Machine washable;
  • Slate Blue ribbon great for weddings, gifts, apparel making, tree, and party decorating, hair bows, sewing, bows, floral arrangements;
  • Satin ribbon for crafts with consistent and vibrant color and continuous length; Bulk wholesale package; 1 Roll; Length per roll: 50 yards;
  • Spool packaging; Tangling and wrinkle-free; Easy to cut, wrap, tie knots, or make bows; No loose strings or creases


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