Mandala Crafts Capital Letter Charms for Jewelry Making - Alphabet Charms Letters for Jewelry Making - A-Z Letter Charms Initial Charms for Bracelet Necklace


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This lot of loose letter beads is made from solid alloy metal material. The metal does not rust or change color easily. With a wide letter selection such as a, e, y, and z, this assortment set of solid letter beads will have you covered for spelling out words, names or just using a single letter initial.

These shiny, sturdy, and durable alphabetic DIY accessories will last for several projects. With findings such as open jump rings, they can be easily made into charm bracelets, drop pendant necklaces, or dangle earrings. They can also be sewed on fabric and leather or glued on hard surfaces with super glue. It is great for making personalized gifts such as wine charms and wedding gifts. For crafty people, these dainty loose letter beads can even be made into wine charms or keychains with the right findings.

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