Mandala Crafts Reptile Heat Lamp Light Bulb with UVB UVA Halogen Basking Lightbulb for Turtle, Lizard, Tortoise, Amphibian Habitat Terrarium Aquarium 6-Pack 50-watt E26 Base


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Does your desert gecko have a hard time getting up and moving around during chilly mornings? Is your water turtle showing early signs of shell rot? With this set basking bulbs on standby, your reptile friends will be happier and healthier. Providing heat, UVA, and UVB, these heat lamp bulbs enhance vitamin D3 synthesis, promote appetite, help with digestion, aid calcium absorption, and balance growth. Do not be fooled by this bulb’s compact size: these small heat bulbs provide decent heat for your reptile’s basking spots and function as well as the original bulbs.

This reptile basking bulb is easy to calibrate with dimmers and fits regular E26 medium sockets. These dimmable bulbs are compatible with a variety of pet lighting fixtures such as clip-on heat lights for aquariums, reptile enclosures, toad and fish tanks. These durable bulbs give off just enough heat in the habitat to keep chameleons, bearded dragons, lizards, snakes, frogs, and skinks warm. It provides sunlight basking and prevents shell rot for tortoises and slider turtles. For birds and hedgehogs, these UV light bulbs simulate natural daylight for sunbathing when sunlight is lacking.

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