Mandala Crafts Faux Suede Cord - Flat Vegan Leather Cord for Jewelry Making Beading - Micro Fiber Leather String Cord Leather Lace for Leather Lacing Necklace Bracelet

Color: 25 Rolls Combo
Size: 2.65mm 100 Yards
Sale price$34.99 USD


Are you searching for suede leather cording for jewelry making that looks like natural suede cord string but will not bleed or carry a strong smell? This roll of faux leather strip cord made from micro fiber is the answer. This flat leather lace with a velvet feel surface is very similar to real suede lace cord, but it is softer to the touch and comes in a wide array of colors. Without the inconsistencies, odor, and flaws that are found in real leather lace, this faux suede cording is a hard-to-find vegan-friendly alternative. Unlike genuine suede leather flat cord which will inevitably bleed and eventually become brittle, the faux leather cord will stay malleable and retain its original hue without fading. The continuous faux leather lacing cord is soft enough to bend and tie into knots but stiff enough to hold shape.

This luxurious faux suede rope for jewelry making is commonly used in contemporary jewelry making or beading. The suede faux leather cord, whether it is used as beading cord, leather rope for necklace, or leather bracelet cord, is a necessity to create leather rope necklaces, surf necklaces, boho wristbands, and braided leather bracelets. As necklace strings for necklaces, this jewelry leather string is a great replacement for metal chains. As fake leather for crafts, this faux suede leather lace adds a pop to leather stitching projects, dream catchers, tassels, key chains, ornaments, sheaths, notebooks, and wind chimes. The faux leather strips cordage is great for hanging items such as kitchen or BBQ tools, wall décor or use it to wrap handles and walking sticks. The colored suede craft string also adds a rustic touch for garment making, boat shoe laces, handbags, hat straps, leather bags, eyeglass holders or even makeshift zipper pulls. The uses of the faux suede roll are so versatile that you can even use it to create pet toys.

About this item

  • Micro fiber faux suede cords; Strong faux leather lacing; Colorfast leather chord suede strip feels like buckskin leather lace or real leather craft lace; Animal cruelty free craft leather strips for jewelry making; Washable mauve leather cord
  • Mauve faux suede leather string for jewelry making; Leather bracelet string jewelry cord for Kumihimo leather wrap; Faux leather cording suede strings for earrings; Leather necklace string for pendant; Faux suede lace leather for fringe
  • Faux leather laces for crafts, braiding, macrame, upholstery, wrapping, scrapbook, hanging; Faux leather suede ribbon craft cord for suede tassel, ornament, keychain, lanyard string, bookmark; Dream catcher string for DIY dream catchers supplies
  • Faux leather ribbon roll for garment; 5mm leather lace for vest, wallet, handbag, boat, leather shoe laces, hat, mask; Leather craft lace for baseball gloves; Faux leather cording suede laces are easy to tie, knot and cut; Mauve faux leather for dream catchers
  • Flat lace lacing leather suede roll; Continuous faux suede leather cord; Colored leather cord & lacing for leather crafts

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