Dimmable T6 LED Bulb E12 Candelabra LED Bulbs for LED Chandelier Bulbs Ceiling Fan Sconce Light Bulbs 120 Volt 6 Pack 2 Watt LED Bulb 25W Equivalent 2700K Warm White


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Do you feel incandescent light bulbs are too bright and increase your bill? Are you having a hard time fitting a bulky Edison light bulb into an intricate fixture? It's time to switch to this small tubular T6 lightbulb with a narrow E12 base. No more unforgiving glare, wobbly connections, or lighting hue that is either too orange or too cool. This led t6 light bulb takes up less space, has a longer life span, radiates less heat, and is more energy efficient than classic Edison bulbs. These instant-illuminating e12 T6 led bulbs without UA and blue light emit comforting soft amber daylight glow and are easy on your eyes. With thick visible filaments and a unique retro appeal, this well-constructed tube candelabra t6 led bulb pair well with almost any modern or antique fixture and also create a comforting and tranquil ambience to ease your mind and body.

The classic and stylish T6 led e12 bulb with a tranquil glow illuminates more than just wall or ceiling accessories. Whether you use it to brighten entryways, hallways, and foyers or include it in a store sign, this LED t6 tubular light bulb can do it all. The balanced and consistent light output will not overpower real colors, leaves no dark spots or shadows, and creates a homey and inviting atmosphere for bedside reading, eating, studying, stretching, relaxing, and meditating. The dimmable T6 led vintage light bulb adds character and ambiance and also excels in quality and longevity as replacement light bulbs for background lighting, mood lighting, decorative lamps, desk lamps, light strands, vanity lights, and chandeliers. Adding a nostalgic touch, this mini candelabra led bulb is a sure-fire way to set the mood for lovely dinner and date nights. The uses of these dimmable t6 led bulbs are so versatile that they can even be used as a Himalayan salt rock lamp bulbs or as T6 night light bulbs.

About this item

- T6 e12 led bulb made from clear glass, Led filaments, and metal; Long-lasting dimmable t6 led light bulb; Strobe & flicker free with no buzzing noise; UV & blue light free; Cool to the touch; Mercury-free; 360-degree illumination.

- T6 led candelabra bulb for residential uses such as in bedrooms, offices, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, garages, and patios; T6 bulb led for businesses such as hotels, museums, restaurants, yoga studios, shops, or spas.

- Led T6 bulb for exposed, cage, pendant, sconce, chandelier, ceiling, lamp, vanity, or fully enclosed light fixtures; Compatible with most dimmers; Easy to screw in E12 candelabra sockets.

- Led t6 tubular bulb with a comfortable and ambient hue for home, party, or holiday decoration; T6 vintage led bulb with low maintenance and replacement costs.

- T6 led bulb e12 base; Soft warm white glow with 2700 Kelvin; 120 volts; 2-Watt (Equivalent to a 25-Watt incandescent bulb); Up to 90% energy savings; 80+ CRI; Lumens: 200; Lifespan: 25,000 hours based on 3 hours of use per day.

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