Mandala Crafts Birch Wooden Dowel Rods - Round Wood Sticks for Crafts Macrame - Natural Unfinished Wood Dowels for Cake Dowels for Tiered Cakes

Size: 1/4 X 12 Inches 6mmX305mm
Sale price$14.49 USD


Are you tired of seeing your kids just stare at their cell phones all the time? Do your current macrame wooden sticks have splinters and warp easily? This pack of precut long wooden sticks is the answer and can provide hours of DIY leisure time for adults and kids. The thin wood sticks sanded to perfection do not break, split, or crack easily. Smooth without burrs, these birch dowel rods don’t require extra sanding and are safe to use. Unlike other finished or painted long wood dowls, these natural round dowel rods with an absorbent surface are easy to customize or trim to the desired length. These craft dowel rods with natural birch smell and delicate wood grain add an organic touch to any DIY project. With the bulk quantity included, these wooden rods will last for multiple projects.

The applications of the long dowel rods are only limited by your imagination. From crafting pinwheels, bouquets, curtain rods, photo stands, cake topper dowels, crossbow arrows, furniture pegs, modeling sticks, and corks to creating wooden cake dowel rods, games, and puppets, the DIY wood sticks can do it all. The wood crafting sticks are also handy to stir epoxy and resin, hang yard lights, make garden markers, balloon sticks, dreamcatchers, yard signs, or house plant supporters, create ornaments and gifts for holidays and Halloween, decorate birthday parties, and repair guitar stripped screw holes or drum rods. Fit for both indoor and outdoor use, the strong thin dowel rods can create scarecrows, cotton candy sticks, marshmallow roasting rods, fishing lures, or campfire sticks. The long wooden dowel rods also help to develop creativity and hands-on skills in schools and campsites. The uses of the wood stick for crafts are versatile that the skinny wooden sticks can even be used for jewelry making, wire wrapping and shaping, or creating bracelet holders.


About this item

  • Wooden dowel rod made from solid birchwood; Durable unfinished round wooden dowels for crafts; Pre-sanded round wood craft sticks; Craft wood sticks for crafting with splinter free surface; Odorless and non- toxic round wood stick rods
  • Round wooden sticks for crafts; Macrame dowel rod sticks; Long wood dowel rods for weaving, lashing and modeling; Wood art sticks for tapestry, artwork hangings, kites, and photo booth prop sticks; Hardwood dowels for crafting arrow shafts or mixing paint
  • Polished wooden stick rods for garden round wooden stakes, party ribbon wands, and wooden lollipop sticks; Round wooden rod sticks for wedding wands, centerpiece and cake dowels for stacking; Light wood sticks for decoration and scroll sticks for invitations
  • Long wood pole sticks for flags, streamers, banners, and roman shades; Wood rod sticks for pens, doll rods, toys, and pet cage perches; Wooden sticks for crafting are easy to cut, sprayed, painted, stained, glued, engraved, drilled or sharpened
  • Bulk dowel rods; Pack of 50 wooden dowel sticks for crafts; Thickness: ¼ Inch; Length: 24 inches; Hardwood dowel rod sticks with consistently straight and precisely cut

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