2 Way Zipper - Heavy Duty with Two Way Jacket Zipper Pull Dual Plastic Separating Zipper for Coat Tent Sewing Crafts #10

Color: Black
Size: 24 Inches
Sale price$9.99 USD


Have you noticed how difficult it is to work with a heavy, stiff, or rusty two way metal zipper? Are you needing to save your favorite garments or outdoor equipment with a flexible plastic molded heavy duty two way zipper that'll not only fix a broken zipper but is designed for heavy set fabric? This long two way zipper is exactly what you need. These functional and solid 2 way zippers are quick and easy to install, long-lasting, slide effortlessly along zipper tracks, and will not separate, snag, or tear. This uniform and continuous two way separating zipper with its ergonomic pullers glides frictionless and enables access from both directions. From a heavy coat zipper to a heavy duty jacket zipper, this heavy duty 2 way zipper is not only capable of securing heavy-weight apparel but unzips from the bottom for breathable wear, comfortable seating, and easy pocket access. This built-to-last 2 way zipper tape with its two way zipper pull is compatible with a variety of clothing material such as fleece, polyester, or hide.

From renewing a 2 way zipper jacket to salvaging a hunting coverall, this 2 way heavy duty zipper can do it all. It's never been easier to repair two way zippers on the covers of an ATV, vehicle top, and golf cart, or for rebuilding canopies, awnings, RV screens, and cockpit enclosures. With this 2 way zipper replacement on standby, you can conveniently fix a faulty two way separating zipper for luggage, sleeping bags, camping bags, and tent entrances or windows. A must-have for sewing and crafting projects, this heavy duty zipper 2 way tool is terrific for making zippered bedding, blankets bags, storage cases, couch covers, or sofa cushions. Useful around the house, the 2 way zippers can be used for gazebo curtains, pet screens, or mosquito and bird proof nets. The usage of this heavy duty plastic zipper is so versatile, it can even be used to build book covers, room dividers, or dog beds.

About this item

- 2 way zipper made from nylon and tough plastic; Durable and sturdy; Large two way zipper open ended from both sides with no zipper stops; Snag free; Machine washable and dryable.

- 2 way separating zipper for embroidering, DIY crafting and sewing upholstery or everyday clothing, sportswear, and rainwear; Heavy duty zippers for jackets, sweaters, coats, backpacks, or bags.

- 2 way zipper replacement for outdoor gear repairing such as green house doors, tents, sleeping or storage bags, and covers for trampolines or boats; Two-way zipper for sea marine applications.

- Heavy duty coat zipper compatible with cotton, canvas, vinyl, or polyester; Easy to zip, unzip, or customize by cutting; Jacket zippers for sewing by hand or machine; Fit for indoor and outdoor use.

- Heavy zippers for sewing with Y teeth for smooth sliding; 24-inch 2 way separating zipper; Overall zipper tape width: 1.4 inches; Zipper teeth width: 10mm; 1 pc per pack.

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