Himalayan Salt Lamp Replacement Light Bulbs for Salt Rock Lamps Scents Wax Warmers Candle Melt Burners Nightlights E12 C7 15-Watt 12 Pack


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Is the wattage on your pink salt lamp bulb so high that it's making the rock sweat? Did the bulb in your favorite scent wax warmer burn out and you can't find a replacement? With this pack of long-lasting candelabra base bulbs on standby, you can easily replace a burnt-out bulb and once again indulge in the serene ambiance of your salt lamp. From replacing bulbs in nightlights and ceramic holiday villages to ones in wax warmers and crystal salt lamps, these hard-to-find low-wattage lightbulbs will have you covered. These small incandescent filament light bulbs have an old-fashioned vibe, as well as a reasonably long life span and just the right amount of heat radiation. This bulb fits completely enclosed lighting fixtures and casts an omnidirectional dispersion of light without blue light, making it easy on your eyes.

Rock, bowl, or basket salt lamp? It doesn't matter! These dimmable replacement bulbs universally fit all salt lamps from different makers and are compatible with the original dimmer on your lamp. These bulbs emit enough glow to heat up the natural salt rock and release negative ions without melting and damaging the furniture it sits on. These mini light bulbs create a warm, peaceful, and soothing ambient yellowish glow, creating a serene atmosphere. They are great replacement bulbs for plug-in wax warmers, tart warmers, oil diffusers, and decorative lamps. For light-up Christmas villages and figurines, these small bulbs have no harsh glare and fit any fixture with an E12 base. As general light bulbs for candle lights, novelty string lights, and backlight bulb replacements, they exceed typical bulbs in quality and longevity. The applications of these low-light mini bulbs are so versatile that they also fit most pumpkin jack-o'-lantern lights and holiday lawn inflatables.

About this item

  • C7 replacement bulbs made from clear glass and lead-free metal; Long-lasting incandescent lightbulbs; Dimmable, flicker-free and no buzzing noise while operating; Blue light free
  • Replacement light bulbs for salt lamps, wax burners, tart and candle warmers, oil diffusers, ceramic Christmas villages, novelty string lights, night lights, electric candlesticks, ceiling fans, chandeliers, Halloween pumpkin lights, and holiday lawn inflatables
  • Universal salt lamp bulbs for salt rock and basket salt lamps from different makers and with different sizes; Emanates sufficient heat for ion release without making the salt rock sweat; Ambient warm glow; Melts scented wax, essential oils, and candles without overheating
  • Small light bulbs with E12 candelabra base; 2700K ambient warm white glow; 360-degree omnidirectional illumination; Bulb shape: standard C-7 type; Voltage: 110V, 120V, and 130V; 15W; Life span: about 1500 hours; 100 lumens;
  • Easy-to-install salt rock lamp bulbs; Individually and securely packaged; 45-day no questions asked warranty

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