5mm Studded Faux Suede Cord Rope for Jewelry Making - 20 Yards Faux Leather Ribbon - Flat Micro Fiber Leather String Faux Leather Lace with Rivets


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Are you searching for buckskin leather lace that looks like natural deer leather lace but will not bleed or carry a strong smell? This roll of leather cording for jewelry making and DIY crafting made from micro fiber is the answer. This flat leather cord with a velvet feel surface is very similar to real string leather, but is more heavy duty and softer to the touch. Without the inconsistencies, odor, and flaws that are found in real leather trim, this faux thin suede cord is a hard-to-find vegan-friendly alternative. Unlike genuine leather trim by the yard which will inevitably bleed and eventually become brittle, the faux leather trims will stay malleable and retain its original hue without fading. The continuous faux leather cord is soft enough to bend and tie into knots but stiff enough to hold shape. The studs on the crafting leather strips add a stylish touch and details to designs.

This luxurious faux suede lacing is a necessity to get intricate details in contemporary jewelry making or beading. Whether used as beading cord, leather rope for necklaces, or as leather bracelet cord, the suede rope for jewelry making can create leather rope necklaces, surf necklaces, boho and rock wristbands, and punk leather bracelets with ease. As fake faux leather ribbon for crafts, this faux flat leather lace adds a pop of color to leather stitching projects, dreamcatchers, ornaments, shoelaces, eyeglass holders, boots, and notebooks. The colored suede cord string also yields a rustic and heavy metal vibe for garments, handbags, hat straps, leather bags, or even makeshift zipper pulls. The uses of the faux leather flat cord are so versatile that you can even use it as a circle border glued to a frame.

About this item

  • Studded leather lacing made from micro fiber and alloy; Durable aqua faux suede lace; Aqua faux leather laces for crafts with soft velvet feel and comfortable to wear; Colorfast and bleed-free vegan leather cording; Washable and dryable faux leather strip
  • Aqua vegan leather cord for jewelry making and beading; Lace leather string cord for fringe earrings, Kumihimo, friendship, and leather wrap bracelets, rings, anklets, pendants, layered necklaces, chokers; Aqua faux leather ribbon for hair accessories
  • 5mm faux leather string for DIY crafting, sewing, macrame, wrapping, scrapbooking, and gift wrapping; Faux suede leather lace for lanyards, tassels, and keychains; Aqua faux leather lacing cord for costumes, vests, wallets, bags, hats, boots, and shoes
  • Aqua faux suede leather cord compatible with jewelry findings; Faux leather wide ribbon matches leather, jean denim, canvas and cotton; Easy-to-clean & cut suede lace leather string; Faux suede lace lacing leather feels and looks like real lace leather trim for crafts

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