Night Light Bulb with Candelabra E12 Base, C7 4W 5W 6W 7W Incandescent Small Clear Chandelier Candle Light LED Replacement by Mandala Crafts, Pack of 4


Color: 2700K Warm White
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Are you looking for soft and atmospheric golden glow to add to your night time ambience? Did the light in your ceramic holiday village go out and you can’t find a replacement at a local hardware store? With this pack of long-lasting candelabra base light bulbs on standby, you can easily replace a frizzed bulb and have another peaceful night without a hitch. From nightlights to salt lamps, these hard-to-find lightbulbs with low wattage will have you covered. The small light bulbs simulate the shape and filament appearance of an old-fashioned incandescent bulb, but have way longer life span and less heat radiation. This energy-efficient bulb is cool to the touch and also fits a complete enclosed lighting fixture. It casts light omnidirectionally without UV and blue light, making it very easy on your eyes.

These bulbs with ambient yellowish glow are perfect night light bulbs, which will make you feel safe. They are aslo dim enough to use while you sleep. For light up Christmas villages and figurines, these small bulbs have no harsh glare and almost universally fit. As general light bulbs for candle light, decorative lamp, novelty string light, and backlight bulb replacements, they exceed typical bulbs in quality and longevity. The application of these mini bulbs with low light is so versatile that it also fits most pumpkin jack o lantern lights and holiday lawn inflatables.

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