Kabbalah Red String Braided Bracelet of Protection for Good Luck Fortune Health Love Ward Off Against Evil Eye (Wu Lou Gourd)


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Wearing a thin scarlet, red, or crimson string made from wool, leather, cotton, or other materials around the left wrist is common in many cultures and beliefs such as Kabbalah, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Jewish folk custom uses Kabala bracelets as tools to ward off misfortune caused by the evil eye and provide protections against danger. Sometimes they will be blessed with a religious prayer. The Asian culture believes wristbands made from red thread will act like amulets to bring good luck, prosperity, energy, friendship, fortune, health , love, or longevity.

This Mandala Crafts bracelet is handmade with reasonable quality. It does not cause any irritation even to baby skin. It is easy to wear, mixes well with other fashion jewelry, and is convenient to add charms on. It is a simple but attractive rope bracelet to remind you to keep a peaceful heart and help keep negative energy away. It can be worn by people of any gender and at any age.

Drawstring Bracelet Wearing Instruction

Drag the both sides of the bracelet towards opposite directions and the bracelet will slide open to put hand through. After that, drag the two dangling strings towards opposite directions to fit. Please never unravel the middle knot.

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