Bohemian Asian Boho Fashion Stylish Drawstring Backpack for Men Women Boys Girls

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This affordably-priced beautifully crafted backpack is full of color and personality. It is handmade in Nepal. The striped patterns at the bottom give this bag a unique Bohemian touch. This backpack has a drawstring inner shell and a flap over the outside closure with a wooden button. There is a small zippered pocket in the front. Each bag is uniquely made and will have very small variations in designs.

This lightweight, well-constructed, and roomy backpack with unusual designs can carry light to medium weight loads. It can also be used as a daypack purse to carry most essentials such as electronic tablets, laptops, books, wallets, makeup, cell phones, shirts, shoes, gym shorts, or rolled up jeans.

The moderate size is meticulously designed. It is foldable, not stiff, and will sit beautifully on your back. The adjustable straps are thick and wide, making the backpack comfortable to carry around to festivals, concerts, schools, or gyms. Whether you're traveling, shopping, or hiking, this pretty and cute backpack has you covered. It is aesthetically appealing but also highly functional. With its different, cool, and hip look, it is a definite conversation starter.

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