Mudra Crafts Wooden Foldable Meditation Bench Kneeling Stool for Prayer Kneeler - Ergonomic Meditation Seat Seiza Bench for Yoga - Meditation Stool with Cushion


Color: Black Cushion
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Do you groan when you get into a kneeling position? Do you know that kneeling without a bolster could eventually hurt your knees? This handmade, elegant, and compact-designed kneeling bench could be the answer. This foldable wooden meditation bench provides steady and firm support, and will help you concentrate by taking pressure off your knees, ankles, hips, legs, and joints while kneeling. Compared to bamboo stools, it is sturdier and not so easy to scratch. The fabric upholstery padding provides comfortable seating just like a zafu, but is easier to sit on without sliding. The meticulously designed tilted slope surface holds your spine in a perfect position. The reliable, tight, and heavy-duty hinges prevent the bench from collapsing or wiggling and won't make squeaking sounds. This relaxing bench is a wonderful alternative to a meditation cushion, kneeler, zafu, or zambuton It is great supporting equipment for meditation, yoga, or praying. It can be easily folded to store away at home, or tucked into a suitcase or a car trunk. It can be used for meditation; Japanese zazen practice; zen Buddhist practice; or a yoga workshop, class, or retreat. Whether you practice Vipassana meditation or are doing hero or lotus cross-legged poses, it will help you maintain your posture, stay focused, and relax. By tucking your legs underneath and sitting upright, it will prevent fatigue and leg numbing, ease back or neck pain, remove strain, and allow you to enter very deep meditative states without shifting positions. For those who have hip, ankle, or knee problems, or are not very flexible, this bench will offer an effortless sitting experience. This stylish bench is also a great conversation starter for yogis.

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