Mandala Crafts Leather Hole Punch Tool for Belt Holes - Rotary Hand Leather Hole Puncher Pliers - Heavy Duty Multi Hole Punch for Watch Bands Fabric Strap Eyelets

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Does your small hole punch for leather belts leave rusty stains? Are you still using a leather awl punch to punch holes in leather belt? Do not settle for subpar leather tools for leather working. This multiple hole puncher can help. The leather hole puncher for belts with plenty of clearance spacing and sharp hollow circular prongs penetrates well. The self-opening leather belt hole punch takes very little pressure to press, good for those with arthritis or smaller hands. The belt cutter and hole puncher cuts through thin and thick materials such as silicone, polyurethane, nylon, and cork like a breeze. The revolving bits on the leather belt hole punchers negate the need to find the right bit. The multi hole puncher is easy to store and the bits lock into place for safety. With the included screwdriver to install the anvil, a spare anvil, a ruler, and a pick to clean out prongs, the leather belt hole puncher tool has everything you need to make a hole. The sharp hole punch serves multiple purposes. The leather hole puncher tool is perfect for home, hobby, or commercial use. The multiple hole punch can effortlessly create holes for snaps. As a button hole puncher, it adds functional elements to garments, clothes, corsets, and pants. The sewing hole punch can add circular holes to luggage tags, handbag straps, tote bags, satchels, and fanny packs. For leather crafts, the leather hole punch for belts is adept at creating holes for halters, pet collars, latigos, bridles, harnesses, stirrups, and bridles. The belt hole maker is useful for crafting as well. From repairing a boat cover or shower curtain to punching a breathing hole on a mask, the leather hole punch can do it all. The belt puncher for leather can also create stylish jewelry pieces and craft earrings. The uses of the hand leather punch kit are so versatile that it can even make holes on guitar picks or fridge magnets.

  • Leather hole puncher tool made from steel with anti-oxidation lacquer; Sturdy leather punch set; Ergonomic belt hole puncher for leather; Hand hole puncher with anti-slip grip design; Leather hole punch for belts won’t leave stains
  • Leather hole punch set for home and commercial use; Fabric hole puncher tool for canvas, denim, cotton, silk, and felt; Leather puncher for pleather, faux leather, raw hide, and vinyl; Craft hole puncher for PVC, plastic, rubber, acrylic, paper and cardboard
  • Small hole puncher for crafts with 6 sized adjustable dials; Cushioned leather hole punch pliers comfortably fit in hand; Hole punch leather revolving pliers creates less hand fatigue; Heavy duty hole puncher makes precise, and round cut without fraying
  • Leather punch hole tool for leather crafting; Leather punch tool for belts, purse handles, shoe straps, dog collars, and saddles; Eyelet hole punch pliers kit for grommets and studs; DIY jewelry hole punch for jewelry making; Eyelet hole puncher for clothing & jeans
  • Leather hole punch kit with two backup pads, a grinding rod, a screwdriver, a hole maker for belt, and a ruler; Leather & fabric hole punch size: 11 x 4 x 2 Inches; Small hole punch bit sizes: 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, to 4.5 mm; Cutting width: 0.4 CM

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