Mandala Crafts Jean Button Replacement Tack Button with Rivet Kit for Jeans Pants Suspenders Jackets Shorts Overalls 17mm 80 Sets

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Color: Antique Brass
Size: 5/8 Inch
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Are you about to throw away a pair of your favorite jeans because the button popped off? Are you tired of looking for a seamstress to replace a sewn in button on your jacket? This set of no-sew, tack-in buttons offers an easy solution! No more throwing away old trousers and no more visits to the tailor. Simply by using your own tools such as a pair of channel lock pliers or a hammer, you can take care of any broken buttons easily. These light-weight yet robust metal jean buttons are more heavy duty than they appear and cannot be underestimated. These buttons not only look and function like your original buttons: they hold up extremely well and withstand washing and drying without any issues. Blue jeans or black jeans? It doesn’t matter! The button’s unisex design and neutral tone enable it to match various clothing styles and colors, allowing it to suit any age.

They are widely compatible with many garments made of thick materials such as denim, khaki, corduroy, cotton, or canvas. The back of the button lies pseudo-flush without poking out. It can easily replace broken buttons for shorts, work shirts, winter coveralls, chore coats, overalls, pants or suspenders. From replacing sewn-in buttons or zippers to adjusting or tightening waist size, these easy-to-attach buttons will have you covered.

  • Jean buttons made from brass-based alloy metal; Sturdy and durable; Erosion and rusting free; Machine washable and dryable; No sewing involved
  • Easy to attach; Installation is as easy as pressing the button and rivet together and squeezing in all the all with a pair of channel lock pliers or vice grips or hammering in on a flat surface
  • Button fastener compatible with a variety of clothing styles and materials such as denim, canvas, cotton, corduroy, dungaree, or khaki; Unisex design and fit any age
  • Metal replacement jeans buttons kit for jeans, shorts, jackets, suspenders, boots, coats, shirts, overalls, bags, suits, and dresses
  • Bulk wholesale assorted tack in buttons; 80 sets; Button cap size: 17 x 17 x10 mm or 0.67 x 0.67 x 0.39 inches; Rivet size: 8 x 8 x 8 mm or 0.31 x 0.31 x 0.31 inches

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