Mandala Crafts Braid Trim with Elastic Button Loops - Button Elastic Loop for Sewing - Button Loop Tape Button Trim Lace for Bridal Wedding Dress Costume


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Are you still making your own elastic bridal button loops? Have the snaps on your dress accidently unsnapped? This roll of button tape is exactly what you need. No more hassles with sewing dress loops. This readymade lace trim and elastic loop will give you more time to concentrate on your sewing projects. Also known as rouleau loops, these fine button loops are more reliable than snaps and will not pop open unintentionally. This fringe lace with elastic button loop is compatible with various buttons and sewing materials. The elastic loop and button closure have strong elasticity and are forgiving with the button sizes. The elastic cord on the button loop trim stretches robustly and retains elasticity very well. With the long packing length included on each roll, these non elastic button loops will last for several projects. This braided trim with elastic loops for buttons creates fancy button loops and adds an elegant touch to sewing projects. For wedding dress buttons trailing down the back of a gown, this bridal button trim is a necessity. From newborn outfits to vintage cocktail dresses and ballet costumes, this button loop tape adapts to any style of buttons such as pearl, resin, shell, wood, and satin. This button loom trim can also be used as belt loops on the waist or function as eyelets to fasten hooks. The uses of these sewing button loop ribbon are so versatile that the button tape can also be used as lacing trim for decoration.

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