Mandala Crafts Bodhi Seed Beads Mala Beads 108 Buddhist Prayer Beads – Japa Bodhi Seeds Meditation Beads Tibetan Rosary Bodhi Mala Necklace for Men Women Yoga Meditation

Style: Polished Dragon Eye Bodhi Seeds
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Are you looking for a set of genuine bodhi seed mala beads to absolve you from harmful energies? Do you feel most mala meditation beads are at the souvenir level? This Bodhi prayer bead necklace if the answer. Handmade in the Himalayan area in Nepal from authentic bodhi seeds, the boho-style authentic mala beadsnot only make an appealing day-to-day accessory but also is a great bodhi seed mala for Padmasambhava mantra chanting, heart-based affirmations, and prayer or meditative practices. The Tibet beads with unglazed wood-like surface has no finish and is very comfortable to touch. The bodhi seeds are porous and essential oil might be added to give the bodhi mala beads a fragrant smell. The Bodhi prayer beads with unique Bohemian touch can go with any outfit and can be styled or stacked with other jewelry. Wonderful for kickstarting conversation, the Bodhi necklace also makes a non-conforming statement. For yoga and meditation practices, this set of Tibetan meditation beads can help to concentrate the mind, count mantras, breaths, or prostrations, and cultivate clarity, positivity, and contentment. Tibetan rosary prayer beads are also called japamala, japa beads, malas, juzu beads, or worry beads. The word mala means garland in Sanskrit. Mala bead rosaries are commonly used by Tibetan, Hindu, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese Buddhist monks, Zen priests, or nichirens in Buddhism practice to aid for one?s spiritual health and practice, relieve people of sickness, suffering, or imbalance. Each set of Buddhist prayer beads normally has 108 mala beads to represent the 108 volumes of the words of Buddha. Within the material for mala making, Bodhi seeds are highly regarded for they are thought to represent Buddha?s enlightenment under a Bodhi tree and believed to possess qualities that will purify, strengthen, and restore one?s sphere of energy. This set of thoughtfully crafted bodhi prayer beads will for sure help you to be peaceful, mindful, compassionate, and consi

  • Tibetan mala beads for men and women made from genuine dragon eye bodhi tree seed beads; Handmade in Nepal; Bodhi mala prayer beads with non-elastic nylon cord; Comfortable to wear bodhi seed mala necklace 108 beads
  • Bodhi prayer beads believed to promote peace, support focus and concentration, cultivate mindfulness, compassion, and consideration, shield against negative energies, and sanctify the mind and soul
  • Bhodi seed mala can be worn as a mala 108 beads necklace or a multilayer bodhi seed bracelet; Mala rosary beads for altar and home décor; Buddhist necklace for Buddhist manta chanting and offerings; 108 mala beads for meditation; Yoga mala beads for yoga
  • Tibet prayer beads for women and men; Portable bodhi seed mala beads; Easy-to-wear bodhi seed mala beads 108 rosary; Tibetan mala beads can withstand daily use
  • Gift-ready mala bodhi seed beads with mala bag; Bodhi mala beads 108 plus 1 set of guru beads; 10mm bead size; Length: 36 inches; Wraps up to 5X; Easy to put on and take off

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