Mandala Crafts 0.9 inch Gold Barbed Metal Ends - 500 count


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  • Is it frustrating that your party hat elastic starts to fray when you try to string it through the holes? This pack of elastic cord with metal ends is sure to make your job easier. No more tedious knot tying. This set of uniform elastic string with metal ends can just simply feed through any hole. Made from sturdy 2mm elastic string, the elastic barbed cord stretch string is easy to string, maneuver, and offers exceptional elasticity that can be stretched out to twice its original length. The elastic cord metal barbs stay in place and are free of sharp edges for smooth stringing. The colorfast and rupture-resistant stretch string cord with barbs will not tear, rust, or discolor. From households to schools to businesses, this bunch of elastic barbs cord with its wide-ranging utility will provide you with ample uses. This flexible elastic cord with barbs is designed to add serviceability to any handicraft from attaching and tying to lightweight suspending. From holding documents, organizing office supplies, to hanging posters, pennants, streamers, and merchandise, the barbed elastic cord can do it all. Looking for elastic for making masks? This reusable string elastic cord for face mask is the answer and will tremendously cut the manufacturing time. The elastic barbed cord with metal barbs is also a fantastic party hat elastic string that can be dispersed throughout the arts and crafts table for making personalized party cone hats or masquerade masks. The uses of this crafts elastic barbed cord are so versatile that it can even be used as hair ties or chin straps for headgear or fedoras.
  • - Metal aglet barb ends for elastic cord made from alloy metal; Will irritate skin; Lead-free elastic craft string with metal aglets
  • - Gold elastic cord metal barbs for mask making and stringing; Elastic fasteners for masks, masquerade, and Halloween masks
  • - Metal ends for elastic hat cord and mask strings; Aglets for hanging signs, balloons, party décor, badges, banners, and IDs; Easy to work with gold metal ends; Simply feed the barbs through holes to bind or fasten
  • - Gold elastic metal barbs for making mini bungee cords; Metal barbs for fastening books, journals, planners, portfolios, and folders
  • - Gold elastic metal aglet clasps in bulk wholesale packaging; 500 gold elastic barbs; 0.9-inch elastic string barbs

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