Mandala Crafts Plastic Embroidery Floss Organizer Box with Dividers Bobbin Winder 100 Floss Bobbins 398 Stickers for Embroidery Thread Storage - Cross Stitch Organizer for Floss Storage


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Do the unorganized and tangled floss skeins make your sewing station look a mess? Is it frustrating to dig through your thread storage container to find the right color? This semi-transparent embroidery floss organizer box is the answer. No more time wasted sorting through threads. No more digging through your floss storage box to find the right hue. This embroidery floss winder, plastic embroidery thread organizer cards, and mini stickers, the thread embroidery organizer keeps all embroidery thread, tools, and accessories organized and is transparent enough to see what it holds without opening the lid. The floss winder is easy to use and spins smoothly to prevent thread from bunching and tangling. The plastic embroidery floss organizer cards are sturdier than cardboard embroidery string holder cards. The needlepoint thread organizer with removable horizontal dividers provides plenty space and flexibility to arrange items of difference sizes.

Easy to stack and store, this portable floss storage box organizer will keep any sewing station neat and professional. This plastic floss organizer is a necessity for sewing, cross-stitching, knitting, crocheting, embroidering, weaving, and quilting. From storing threads, yarns, snippers, needles, and sewing tools to sorting appliques, sequins, or buttons, the embroidery storage organizer does it all. For jewelry making and beading, the bead organizer for jewelry making stores charms, earrings, rings, friendship bracelet floss, and jewelry findings. Preventing gems from combining, this craft case is a necessity for seamless DIY diamond arts creation. Sorting face painting and nail art supplies with this plastic organizer box couldn’t be easier. This organizer box with dividers is roomy enough to meticulously store brushes, embossing, and glitter bottles.

About this item

  • Embroidery thread organizer made of plastic; Durable embroidery floss storage box with floss winder, plastic floss bobbins, and labels; Semi-transparent floss storage containers with removable dividers; Compact and portable embroidery storage container
  • Floss embroidery organizer box for sewing, knitting, crocheting, embroidering, weaving, and quilting; Cross stitch storage box for cross-stitching; Floss organizer storage box for threads, floss, yarns, buttons, pins, needles, presser feet, and small scissors
  • Craft storage organizer for DIY crafting, jewelry making, diamond painting, and nail arts; Craft box organizer to store beads, rocks, crystals, jewelry findings, hair accessories, gem stones, and small glitter bottles
  • Craft storage box with dividers for home, classroom, camp, and office; Plastic organizer box with dividers for fishing lures, hardware, screws, nails, coins, cake decorating utensils, and flashcards
  • Embroidery organizer with 36 compartments; Embroidery floss box size: 10.5 X 7 X1.75 inches; Embroidery box organizer compartment size: 1.75 X 1X 1.75 Inches; 1 thread winder; 4 sticker sheets with 98 stickers per sheet; Total: 392 stickers; Embroidery floss holder size: 1.5 X 1.4 inches; Total: 100 hard plastic embroidery floss bobbins


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