Chairman Mao's Little Red Book [Unknown Binding]


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Chairman Mao Zedong ("Mao") was the leader of China's Communist party from 1949 until his death in 1976. Communist China originally followed the ways of the U.S.S.R. until the two countries disagreed and Mao began taking China in a new direction. In 1948 Mao started the first collective in Henan, China and soon there were collectives all over the country. This period is known as The Great Leap forward, but actually millions of people died from the period of 1949-1951. During this period more people died in terms of mass numbers than during Pol Pot's regime in Cambodia. The Cultural Revolution is probably the most well-known period to come out of China, which lasted from 1966-1976, although 1966-1971 were the most turbulent years. During the Cultural Revolution many intellectuals, and those with foreign ties, and eventually everyone in the country was targeted for re-education. Although Mao led his people through periods of great social and economic hardship, he remained one of the most beloved leaders in world history while alive, and even after his death. This is an original Chairman Mao quotation book from Cultural Revolution. The book is in Chinese and English. The size of the book is 6*4 inches.

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