Mandala Crafts Leather Hole Puncher - Leather Punch Tool - Belt Hole Puncher Heavy Duty Revolving Punch Pliers Set for Fabric Watch Band Shoe Strap Stud

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Are you on the verge of throwing away a favorite belt which is too loose? Are you having a hard time punching the right sized hole with your belt hole punch with only one bit? This belt punch will be able to help! No more scratching your head to find the right size of punch bit. No more hammering. This leather punch tool with bits in 6 different sizes is simple to use and negates the need to find the right bit. This leather hole punch kit with sharp prongs takes very little pressure to use. It cuts through thin and thick materials such as silicone, velcro, nylon, and cork like a breeze and makes professional-looking holes without causing damage. Whether you’re a novice or professional craftsman, this punch plier kit is convenient to have on hand for various crafting needs and the ergonomic design makes it especially easy to use for those with arthritis. Sturdy enough for a wide range of materials, this stud hole puncher is perfect for the repair of alternate clothes, jewelry, and accessories made from different materials. Sewing hobbyists can use the leather hole punch pliers to repair or modify tote bags, satchels, crossbody bags, fanny packs, heels, and sandals. Equestrians and animal lovers can use this belt puncher for leather to add holes to halters, pet collars, stirrups, and other riding accessories. Hobbyists and DIY crafters can use the leather belt hole puncher to remove damaged plastic and metal snaps or create holes to insert snaps, rivets, or grommets on boots, sneakers, or luggage tags. Jewelry makers can use this jewelry hole punch to create stylish jewelry pieces.

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