Mandala Crafts #5 Plastic Zipper - Separating Zippers for Sewing - Jacket Zipper Separating Zipper Replacement Zippers for Jackets Coats 5 PCs

Color: Black
Size: 9 Inches
Sale price$9.99 USD


Are you on the verge of throwing away a favorite jacket with a faulty plastic coat zipper? This replacement jacket zipper set is precisely what you need. Whether you’re restoring a long-time favored jacket or replacing a flawed factory coat zipper, this plastic zipper for sewing is fantastic for both utility and style. Made from resin plastic, this plastic teeth zipper is suited for all needs and will slide quickly and smoothly without catching or detaching. Not only will the plastic separating zipper stay in place but its neutral color allows for it to match a multitude of colors, patterns, and materials. Unlike a heavy metal zipper for jacket, this plastic molded zipper will not rust or tarnish and can endure cold temperatures and moisture. Fit for personal or commercial use, this pack of long separating zippers for sewing will provide you with ample supply and last multiple projects. From renewing a zipper jacket to salvaging a uniform coverall, this plastic zipper for jacket can handle last-minute stitching or replacement needs with ease. The separable jacket zipper can be used on windbreakers, skirts, shoes, backpacks, and even corsets. For craft projects, these plastic zippers for sewing are perfect for embellishing handbags or converting hoodies into zippered jackets without competing with the color or composition of a wide range of textiles. Handy around the home, this molded plastic separating zipper can be sewn into duvets or stitched into upholstery cushion covers. The uses of this lightweight jacket zipper are so versatile that it can also be used as a doll separating zipper.

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