Mandala Crafts Assorted Plastic Sewing Buttons for Sewing Crafts Clothes Coats Bulk Wholesale Pack


Color: Black
Size: 18mm 0.7 Inch
Sale price$8.99
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Did you dig everywhere trying to find the original spare buttons for a peacoat? Are you about to throw away a perfect dress with a missing button? This set of plastic craft buttons will be able to save the day. The resin buttons with the right size and perfect shade pair well with a variety of materials such as cotton, wool, leather, denim, or vinyl. The sturdy buttons with flatback and rounded edge are very easy to sew by hand or machine. The resin material is colorfast and can go through washer and dryer without any harm.

The assorted plain buttons are handy to keep around for crocheting, sewing, knitting, and pipe cleaner crafting. As sew on buttons for coats, jacket, pants, hats, or camp shirts, they lay flush and provide a wonderful finish touch. For sewing hobbyists, the buttons to add to kitchen towel, curtain, duvet, comforter, quilt, or bags.

As craft buttons, they can embellish stuffed animals, fabric daisy, and invitation cards, snowman eyes, or close off wrap bracelets. The shiny buttons are also great to make ear savers or extenders for masks to prevent ear soreness or elastic irritation in wearing.

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