Mandala Crafts Sea Shells for Crafts - Tiny Seashells for Decorating - Seashell Beads for Seashell Jewelry Making Crafting Vase Filler Party Candle 2150 PCs (7 to 12mm)


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Are you looking for natural small sea shell filler to complete your beach house décor? Have you noticed real shells instantly accentuate a marine-themed party? These tiny shells for crafts are exactly what you need! In mixed sizes and with warm neutral colors, these beach sea shells for crafts are handy to keep around for decorating, DIY seashell crafts, and jewelry making. The tiny micro shells naturally from the sea add an exotic accent and excellently compliment your other decor. These mini seashells for crafts can easily turn your DIY creations from ordinary to extraordinary. For a variety of seashells craft projects from embellishing a hair piece to adding accent to mermaid costumes, these small shells for crafts with smooth surfaces add a magic touch. Several small craft shells can instantly jazz up a phone charm or resin coaster. Easy to glue on multiple surfaces, the craft sea shells can easily adorn wall art or lampshades. The seashell pack is also handy to keep around for event or home decoration. From creating centerpieces for a tropical themed wedding, reception, and bridal shower or complimenting a floral arrangement, these mini shells can do it all. Displaying these mini conch shells as table scatter with flowers will instantly decorate a luau, beach party, baby shower, or nautical-themed birthday celebration. Easy-to-drill holes and compatible with different jewelry findings and strings, the mini shells for crafts can also make trendy jewelry. The uses of tiny sea shells for crafts are so versatile that it can even make seashell candles.

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