Mandala Crafts Elastic Cord Stretchy String for Bracelets, Necklaces, Jewelry Making, Beading, Masks

Color: Baby Blue
Size: 2mm 76 Yards
Sale price$12.99 USD


No matter whether for everyday crafters, DIY hobbyists, professional jewelers, costume designers, or journal and doll makers, this durable and supple elastic cording is a necessity. It is more skinny than bungee shock cord but thick enough to make it sturdy and durable. The elasticity is as strong as a rubber band and will not unravel, retreat, or dry out and get brittle. The cloth material with vibrant colors stays well wrapped without bunching or fraying.

The applications of these versatile stretch strings are only limited by your imagination. For jewelry and beading crafters, the rope is compatible with different beads and jewelry findings. And most importantly, it is colorfast and will not irritate skin. For making necklaces, bracelets, anklets, waist beads, or kandi rave jewelry, this stretchy cord will get the job done and you will have a great time using it.

This cord is also great for making traveler notebooks or other leather, paper, or textile journals, quiet book pages, booklets, or menus. With compatible parts or barbs, it can easily be made into ponytail holders, hair ties, shoe laces, or mask or hat strings. For those who are really into sewing, the cords are great for making bed sheets, drawstring bags, laundry lines, corsets, dresses, or adjustable backpack closures. The long packaging length will make the spool last for several projects and it is handy to keep around the house to wrap gifts, tie cabinet doors, hang pictures, tags, or pompoms, secure glasses, lids, or lens caps, or even tie a tomato plant to a trellis.

About this item

  • Round elastic string made from nylon polyester fabric material and braided rubber; Durable, sturdy, and long-lasting elasticity; Soft, flexible, and easy to cut and tie into secure knots; UV-sunlight protected, colorfast, and washable
  • Great for jewelry making, beading, DIY crafting, and scrapbooking; Easy to work with to make traveler notebooks, menus, masks, dolls, drawstring bags, shoelaces, kandi rave bracelets, pony bead jewelry, malas, hair ties, cat toys, and party hat straps
  • Consistent color and continuous length; Compatible with a variety of jewelry findings and beads; Heat-treatable ends; Vibrant and true colors
  • Bulk wholesale supplies; Thickness: 2mm; Roll length: 76 yards or 70 Meters; Wrapped on a spool for easy use with reduced risk of entangling

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