Yarn Ring – Knitting Ring for Finger - Yarn Stranding Guide Crochet Tension Ring Stainless Steel Knitting Thimble for Crochet Knitting by Mandala Crafts 8 PCs 2 Sizes


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Are you looking for a tool to help you avoid yarn burn? Do you want to complete your knitting and crocheting projects at a quicker pace? This yarn ring guide is the perfect solution. This stainless-steel thimble for knitting allows you to create handmade projects faster without worry of hand cramping or fingers becoming fatigued. These finger guides help keep stiches at a uniform size and feeds yarn through at a steady tension. The comfortable to wear spring design of this yarn finger guide makes it lay flat on your hand allowing you to wear more than one, and reduces calluses by keeping the yarn from making contact with your skin. This yarn thimble is sturdy but pliable enough to adjust with ease and will protect yarn from falling off or knotting during repositioning, making your projects move seamlessly.

Yard guides are ideal for stranded colorwork, weaving, block-style, multi-strand, and English or Norwegian knitting styles. Use this crochet finger guide to create beautiful knit hats, socks, sweaters and blankets using a variety of yarn and crochet threads. This knitting crochet loops ring is great for both men and women and makes the perfect addition to your knitting accessories. For hands with arthritis, this adjustable knitting loop allows you to continue your favorite styles of knitting easily without aches and pains.

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