Vintage Edison Light Bulbs - ST64 Dimmable 60-Watt Incandescent Lightbulbs - Decorative Antique Style Filament Soft Warm White Hue E26 Base 4 Pack by Mandala Crafts Amber Glass


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Do you feel that most LED light bulbs with yellow filaments lack the nostalgic feel of antique incandescent light bulbs? Are you looking for unique accent lightbulbs to bring out the fabulousness of your lighting fixtures and spice up your home? This set of elongated retro-style Thomas Edison bulbs with shiny thick glass and timeless beauty could be the answer. Simulating the appearance of old-fashioned Edison bulbs, these elegant and cool lightbulbs with gold ambient glow have a long lifespan and emit a calming natural light. Without blue light, these light bulbs emit no harsh glare and are easy on your eyes. From indoor lights for bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens or garages, to exterior covered lights for porches and patios, these fancy lightbulbs with an inviting hue and old heritage appearance will not only illuminate exquisitely but they also create a cozy ambiance.

These classic and stylish bulbs with an ambient soothing amber glow are great for atmospheric exposed lighting, mood lighting, and accent lighting. The E26 base Edison bulbs universally fit regular sockets and add character to cage, mason jar, sconce, modern globe, pendant, industrial, and rustic farmhouse style light fixtures. These chic and stylish bulbs also excel in quality and longevity as light bulbs for decorative lamps, desk lamps, ceiling lights, light strands, vanity lights, and chandeliers.

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