Thread Spool Saver Peels Spool Hugger Sewing Thread Keeper for Sewing Machine Sewing Notions Bobbins by Mandala Crafts 100

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Do you have to detangle your thread every time before you can even start working on your sewing projects? Do you feel spool nets do a poor job of securing the ends of thread? This set of rubber thread grippers will change that. No more chasing unraveled spools. No more wasting time on sorting messy thread nests. Add this set of spool and bobbin huggers to your sewing kit and concentrate on creating and designing instead. These thread spool retainers keep dangling threads wrapped around the spool or bobbin and securely hold ends without tangling, slipping off, or unwinding like mesh sleeve covers do. Unlike rigid plastic thread stoppers and bobbin clips, these flexible thick and non-sticky silicon thread peel rings are not only easy to put on or twist to adjust placement, but can also easily be stretched to fit various spool shapes and sizes.

These reusable threads wrap clamps are game changer for seamstresses, quilters, and tailors. With assorted vibrant colors, these thread spool savers can stylishly coordinate with other sewing supplies and are compatible with almost all sewing embroidery threads made from cotton, polyester, or even elastic material. They can keep all of your sewing supplies organized in the thread storage box container, caddy, rack, shelf, or cabinet and separate from other embroidery machine tools and sewing accessories. The applications of these universal thread protectors and bobbin covers are so broad that they can also secure small rolls of ribbon, paper, or vinyl.

  • Thread savers made from flexible silicone material; Durable and sturdy; Reusable and adjustable; Colorfast and bleed-free; Smooth and non-slip surface; Simple design and firm grip; Hold thread tails and prevent loose ends from unwinding; Help to maintain thread tension
  • Thread huggers for spools and bobbins up to 1.5 in diameter; Easy to put on, take off, or twist to adjust placement; Easy to stretch to fit spool or bobbin shape and size
  • Thread spool savers for personal and commercial cone thread; NOT suitable for jumbo-sized spools; Thread holders for hand or machine sewing, needlepoint, and quilting thread, embroidery floss, yarn, jewelry making, beading string, and DIY craft cord
  • Spool huggers to prevent loose thread tails unwinding in the storage case, wall mount or desktop spool rack, or thread stand; Reduce clutter and tangles
  • Peels thread spool huggers in bulk wholesale package; Assorted vibrant colors; Length: 3 3/8 inches end to end; Width: 0.74 in

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