Nylon Seed Bead String for Beading Patterns, DIY Figurine and Charm Crafting, Non-Stretch; by Mandala Crafts (0.8mm 328 Yards)

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Have you wondered what string the professionals use to create solid seed bead patterns or figurines? Did you try to bead with crystal string and have a hard time preventing the string from stretching? This nylon non-stretch string could be the answer. The transparent string is sturdy with great tensile strength. It can maintain the bead patterns without the embarrassing space between each bead you get with elastic string. The clear monofilament transparent texture negates the need to match colors and leaves no obvious trace of threading. With the naked eye, it is almost impossible to see this thread on a light-colored background.

The string is handy to have for DIY beading projects such as creating small figurines, beaded boxes, ornaments, or purses. The nylon string works extremely well with seed beads such as size 11/0 or 15/0. Different from crystal string, which is elastic and weak, this thread can carry some serious weight and is able to hold heavy beads made from glass, resin, stone, metal, or pearls. The string is compatible with crimp beads, ferrules, and other jewelry making or stringing accessories. Adding a dab of glue will also tremendously increase the security of the knots.

About this item

  • Seed bead string made from nylon; Non-stretch and outstanding tensile strength; Sturdy, stiff, and durable; Water-resistant; Fraying free;
  • Great for creating kandi beading patterns, figurines, statues, ornaments, keychains, charms, or even beaded boxes with seed, glass, metal, gemstone, or pearl beads;
  • Monofilament beading string; Continuous length and consistent thickness;
  • Easy to work with; Easy to find thread ends; Compatible with crimp beads and ferrules to secure the ends or you can also knot the end;

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