Mudra Crafts Tibetan Cool Brass Copper Metal Buddha Cone Stick Powder Hanging Incense Burner Censer (Tibetan Buddhist Signs)


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This unique and cool incense burner, holder, or censer is made from brass and copper alloy metal. It is handmade in Nepal. It can be a great decorative art piece or incense burner for religion or meditation purpose. It can also be used as a bowl to burn stick incense, cone incense, loose incense, or incense powder.

About this item

  • Cool and unique Tibetan hanging incense burner or censer made from copper and brass alloy; Handmade in Nepal;
  • Can be used as a burner or bowl to burn cone, stick, loose, or powder incense or charcoal incense;
  • Feng Shui decorative metal antique finishing incense burner; Size: About 5 X 5.5 X 5.5 inches;
  • This censer is handmade in Nepal with very little machine aids. The surface of the item is not as spotless as that of a machine made product. Imperfections might exist due to the handmade nature. Imperfections might include small dents on the surface, uneven tone of the metal, or small chips on the stone inlay or at the corners. Please note that the burner is handmade. Everyone is slightly different. The color and patterns will vary slightly due to the handmade nature.

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